West World Chronicles: 1.6

Episode six teeters on the edge of becoming almost so ridiculous that I was anxious the entire time.

Which I think was completely intentional by the folks at HBO. So, well done. Here’s my rendition on this week’s episode “The Adversary.”

The sixth episode of West World begins to fill in the blanks of the park’s management and the dangerous politics that are at play. We’re slowly getting the bigger picture, and this episode seemed quite focused on that. We see nothing of Dolores and William — instead of watching the same repeat day, we’re given a view of what goes on upstairs. We learn what goes into creating a host’s personality and what goes behind tweaking one.

This is all explored through Maeve. For reasons I have yet to understand, Maeve has managed to remember and wake up during her sessions with Felix. She breaks the barrier, something I don’t think she nor Felix were prepared for. In a genius conniving Maeve manner, she manages to get a tour of the upstairs. The holes in her understanding of her world become filled in — whether she likes it or not. She seems neither horrified or thrilled with this new knowledge. If anything, she seems extremely uncomfortable. This calls into question a couple of things. First, would we want to see the “truth” if we had the opportunity? Do we dare not ask, but answer the question of “why are we here?” Maeve does this, and the reality that she was built to serve others is one she won’t accept. Secondly, the question of fate resurfaces. When Felix shows Maeve the pad as she speaks, her sense of autonomy and free will are challenged. Is anything Maeve does by her own accord? Are any of her thoughts truly her own? These are unsettling, identity-crushing questions that we immediately commence pondering ourselves. We question how much of our own free will dictates our lives, and if we have any control over our own destinies. These are very big questions, with very few answers.



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