Camila Martinez-Granata is an Argentine-American professional writer, world traveler, and human being.

She attended University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies. She played on the university’s Division 1 women’s rugby team, as their full-back. She also was involved with the campus newspaper.

In 2014, she spent four months in Ireland and backpacked through Europe, for the sole reason of wanderlust. And also because of cider. And crepes.

In December 2015, she left for Buenos Aires to live in her native country. There, she spent the holidays with family, and proceeded to explore the city of Buenos Aires, as well as gallivanting in Patagonia.

Since being stateside, Camila works as a freelance writer. She currently resides in New York City, where she consumes impressive — yet alarming — quantities of dollar slice pizza at all hours of the day.

Aside from her burning passion for writing, Camila enjoys sky diving, trekking mountains, finding the best grilled cheese in each town, watching films, playing rugby, and insulting people in Castellano. She has the AP Style Guidebook memorized verbatim, has an impressive knife collection, and recently declined a bid to become the next Argentine president. She is known for her dark humor, heavy sarcasm, and snarky remarks among her friends.

You can contact Camila via email at Mind the spelling.



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